3 Trade Show Technology Trends You Can’t Ignore

3 Trade Show Technology Trends You Can’t Ignore

The bar for trade show exhibits has been raised, thanks largely to trade show technology. It’s changing what exhibiting companies can do and earn as well as what conference attendees expect. In this blog we will take a look at several trade show technology trends that need to be on your radar. Gone are the days when brightly colored trade show displays catch the eye. Here’s what you need to know.

  • Gamification

Gamification, as the name suggests, involves turning some aspect of your trade show into a game. This isn’t hide and seek or tag — it’s specific to tech and usually deployed on apps. Some companies have turned trade shows into scavenger hunts, of sorts, with attendees earning points as they visit certain booths, events, workshops, etc. Your game can also encourage networking among attendees, and the only part of the game that’s located at your booth is the digital leaderboard where players can check on their standings.

Developing a game in cooperation with another company or two that are exhibiting at the same conference will give your game greater room to grow and increase the possibilities. Two things to keep in mind regarding gamification: your game needs to be genuinely fun, it can’t take up too much of the attendees’ time, and it should be integrated with what attendees want to do at a trade show: network, explore, learn and get their names out there.

  • Push Notifications

Many trade shows have their own apps, as do companies attending those trade shows. Both give you the opportunity to send push notifications to attendees. That means communicating with attendees in real time. Push notifications aren’t an end in and of themselves; rather, they should be used to enhance some other part of your trade show experience. If you have a contest that’s about to start; if you have refreshments or food at your booth; if you’re about to give a demonstration; if you have a prize to offer, perhaps to the first 10 visitors that show up at your booth, push notifications are the best way to get the information out there.

  • Interactive Walls and Screens

Nothing attracts eyes like a screen. Screens are magnetic. We can’t look away. Even muted TVs in restaurants and bars are hard to ignore. With this in mind, the next trade show technology trend is interactive walls and screens. Touch screens, whether deployed on walls or large screens, are intuitive to today’s trade show attendees and give visitors the ability to interact with your brand on their own terms. Though the possibilities with interactive walls and screens are nearly endless, keep in mind that even something as simple as a form is more likely to be filled out if it’s on a large, creative screen as opposed to a clipboard with a pen tied to a string.

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