Trade Show Rental Booths as Beautiful as Custom Exhibits

Trade Show Rental Booths as Beautiful as Custom Exhibits

Trade show rental booths give brands a flexible option at industry events. When they’re done right, they provide everything a custom booth does without the financial burden of ownership.

Typically thought of as a budget-conscious option, trade show rental booths don’t have to be a compromise. At Empire Display Solutions we are trusted by brands like Microsoft and Sony because we provide trade show rental booths that show like custom exhibits.

Trade Show Rental Booths that show like Custom Exhibits

Umbria Olli, makers of fine Italian olive oil for over 70 years, have exhibited at Summer Fancy Food for the past several years. They wanted to take their booth up a notch, but didn’t want to invest in a custom display at that time.


So they turned to Empire Display Solutions. We worked closely with their marketing team to produce a stunning rental booth that looked just like a custom booth complete with custom laminates, fabric graphics, a monitor to display their company story, lockable show cases and accent lighting.

Browse our Hundreds of Trade Show Rental Booths

Empire Display Solutions creates award-winning trade show rental booths used by industry-leading brands like Microsoft, Itasca, and Renewable Heat Solutions.

Our inventory rental displays is unmatched, and our experience means that we can provide unmatched customization.

Browse over 200 lightweight and affordable island, inline, and accessory trade show rental booths in many finishes and sizes in our Exhibit Design Search.

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