Three Ways to Make Your Trade Show Display Stand Out

Three Ways to Make Your Trade Show Display Stand Out

You want to get your money’s worth for your trade show display. We understand. Here’s three ways to do just that.

Choose Your Trade Show Display Wisely

Before you begin to choose your exhibit location and plan accordingly, you must first take corporate objectives into consideration. Begin this process by exploring and fully understanding your company’s business strategy. This includes market aspirations, product development, sales cycles, competitive differentiators, etc. Next, determine who your customers are, what their interests are, and what type of relationship your company has or wants to have with them.  Next, similarly analyze potential shows and events to attend. Scrutinize the costs, demographics, ancillary opportunities, and target audience of these shows. With all of this information, strategically present to your company’s internal stakeholders and guide them to an informed decision.

Reassess Show Selection and Budget

Once you’ve mapped out the shows at which you will exhibit, approach each opportunity as a unique planning process. No two shows are identical in their costs or benefits. Every show will differently meet the company and marketing objectives, varying in estimated number attendees, awareness statistics, cost per lead, total event cost, booth-staff show evaluations, ancillary benefits, etc. Present your detailed, strategic plans disaggregated by show to the company’s stakeholders in order to establish yourself as a credible source for marketing information, to give provide management with hard facts for rationalizing costs, and to delegate and spread responsibility across the board.

Level the Playing Field

If you are a smaller company with a smaller budget for your trade show display, it may be daunting to compete with industry juggernauts. Here are a few events to check out where you can level the playing field:


  • Speaker Programs – Offer an educational session at industry trade shows. Present your company as a thought leader and major competitor.


  • Custom Sponsorships – Carefully craft a memorable sponsorship that can generate more awareness among event-goers than a large, traditional, gaudy exhibit.


  • Off-Floor Activations – Create off-floor stunts or activations to promote visibility of your brand and product beyond your booth.


  • Private Dinners – Some larger companies organize major events and blowout parties after trade shows. Do something different – create an intimate setting for a targeted group of industry influencers and members of the press.

Let Empire Display Solutions Help

Empire Display Solutions can help bring your vision to life with completely customizable trade show displays. We offer beginning to end service, from initial concept through design, fabrication and installation. For more information on how our experts can help your trade show display stand out from the crowd, visit our homepage or contact us today!

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