LaCroix Sparkling Water

Project details

    With sales more than doubling in the past couple of years, LaCroix has become the fastest-growing sparkling water and unsweetened brand, chewing up its competition. With its ingenious marketing, package design and creative flavors, it has become a consumer favorite based on its nutritional value alone. Keeping these concepts alone and working closely with their design team, we came up with a bright-colorful dimensional display that filled the 20 x 40 space. We accomplished this by:

    1. Creating an “S-shaped” backwall structure, using lightweight aluminum extrusion, LED headers and SEG fabric graphics.
    2. We produced 12-foot high, double-sided dimensional fabric can structures to replicate LaCroix’s Curate Brand.
    3. Produced two large LaCroix circular signs with dimensional letters.
    4. Custom-cutouts for the LaCroix-branded refrigerators.
    5. Two monitors streaming LaCroix-branded message.
    6. 20-foot semi-circle serving counter with lockable storage and front LED lighting effects.
    7. 8-foot tall inflatable hanging signs in the shape of LaCroix’s core flavors.
    8. To top it all off, we introduced an interactive photo booth for attendees to take selfies with LaCroix branded background.