How To Make Your Exhibit Stand Out at MAGIC Las Vegas

How To Make Your Exhibit Stand Out at MAGIC Las Vegas

Designing and constructing a new exhibit display requires creativity, a comprehensive vision, and technical proficiency. It is critical to create an exhibit that reflects both your unique aesthetic and that of the theme of the show. From August 14th to 16th, UBM Fashion will be hosting the MAGIC international trade show in Las Vegas. This event – one of the retail industry’s most prestigious fashion marketplaces – will see 454 exhibitors. If you are planning to participate in MAGIC Las Vegas, there are several steps you should take in order to build your best exhibit.

Strategize Your Vision for MAGIC Las Vegas

Before you begin designing and building your exhibit, it’s important to determine why this particular trade show is important to you. What are your goals? Are you building your brand? Expanding your market? Networking to partner with other companies? Once you have decided what your goals are, you must decide on concrete indicators of success. Consider tracking the number of sales, the number of visitors, interactive participation, etc.

Do Your Due Diligence and Consultation

Be sure to take into consideration the size and location of your exhibit at MAGIC Las Vegas. Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages before jumping into planning, and always keep your budget in mind. It’s also important to identify and consult with key trade show players. Perhaps there are opportunities for partnerships or strategic information that you can gain to have a competitive edge.

Work Closely with Your Exhibit Provider

Communication and mutual understanding with your exhibit provider is critical to designing and building your exhibit. Understand your choices and clearly communicate your needs and preferences for the MAGIC Las Vegas show. Will you be building a new exhibit from scratch? Renting a customizable display? What technology and production design is available to you to make your exhibit stand out? There are multiple simultaneously moving parts. Design

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