Try Experiential Marketing at Your Next Industry Event

Try Experiential Marketing at Your Next Industry Event

Experiential marketing, when done correctly, creates a gravitational pull. It’s irresistible to your target audience and draws them toward your trade show display like a moth to a light bulb.

Experiential, obviously, comes from the work experience, and the idea of experiential marketing is to deliver an unforgettable one to whenever comes to your booth. Because let’s be honest: Many companies don’t go above and beyond during trade shows and industry events.

There’s a kind of script for how industry events should go — the networking, the meet and greets, the demos — and they’re putting people to sleep. That’s why experiential marketing is taking off.

Experiential marketing is about breaking down the traditional barriers between customers and companies and creating closer bonds. It’s marketing meets PR stunt. An entire 3-day event is dedicated to spreading experiential marketing ideas. Of brands that are employing it, well over half say it has had a major impact on their sales.

A Great Example of Experiential Marketing

Lean Cuisine’s #WeighThis campaign strayed from the beaten path. It delivered the message the brand wanted to send, and it also delivered outstanding results.

Curating a gallery of “scales” in New York’s Grand Central Station, Lean Cuisine asked the question: “What do you weigh?” But there was a catch: The scales were not traditional scales.

The scale-shaped boards allowed visitors to write down how they wanted to be weighed. People put down their accomplishments and achievements, not their poundage. In classic experiential marketing fashion, there was nobody there from Lean Cuisine there to interrupt the experience by offering a sample or asking for an email address. The experience was what mattered.

Experiential Marketing Supported by Classic Displays

Experiences still need displays and trade show banners to attract the eye. That’s where Empire Display Solutions comes in.

No matter how creative our clients get, Empire Display Solutions is trusted to design sleek and sophisticated custom displays to make it happen. Leading brands like Sony and LG trust us for hybrid modular displays, rental displays, and offer numerous trade show services.

Whatever your marketing team’s idea, we can make it come to life. See how by visiting our homepage today!

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