Building Your Brand with Custom Trade Show Exhibits

Building Your Brand with Custom Trade Show Exhibits

Branding is an essential aspect of trade show marketing, and the best custom trade show exhibits are those that effectively build the brand of your company. How do you do it?

Start with these three things:


Positioning is a marketing term that has to do with how your brand positions itself relative to other brands in a similar space. It seeks to answer the question: Why would a company or a consumer choose your brand instead of another?

To position your brand successfully at a trade show, you have to understand your target market. The best way to do this is to develop personas, which are fictional representations of your ideal consumers.

If your brand sells to new parents, you need to understand what would motivate them to stop by your booth and then what would motivate them to make a purchase.


If your brand was a person, what kind of person would it be? Serious and to the point? Trustworthy and reliable? Creative and fun?

Your brand’s personality is incredibly important. It points to your company’s values, and gives consumers something they can latch onto and remember. It helps build short and long-term relationships.

When designing custom trade show exhibits, the branding experts and Empire Display Solutions will delve deep into your company’s culture, differentiators, to discover its personality. Then we build it into your exhibit so there’s complete continuity between all your PR and marketing initiatives.


Personality is worth a ton — but it’s what your brand is promising that really resonates. Custom trade show exhibits should clearly and concisely display your promise. It’s what consumers rely on your company to provide.

What a Custom Trade Show Exhibit should look like

When Lovebug Probiotics, makers of highly effective probiotics for the whole family, came to us looking for a custom trade show exhibit, our experts immediately got to work creating an exhibit with unforgettable brand experience.  

That meant positioning the brand, showcasing their unique personality, and displaying the brand’s promise (15x more effective than the competition!) front and center.

We designed a custom-made woodblock table and seating, dimensional Lovebug logos, and shadow boxes with amusing emojis and eye-catching taglines.

Like the brand, their exhibit was fun and highly effective.

Browse our Hundreds of Custom Trade Show Exhibits

Empire Display Solutions creates award-winning custom trade show exhibits for industry leading brands like LaCroix, Sony and LG. Our inventory of custom displays is unmatched, and our experience means that we can provide unmatched customization.

Browse over 200 lightweight and affordable island, inline, and accessory trade show rental booths in many finishes and sizes in our Exhibit Design Search.

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