5 Useful Mobile Apps for Trade Shows
While ensuring that your exhibit is engaging and appropriately reflects your organization’s values and goals is one of the most important things you can do to improve your trade show results,  there are lots of tools businesses can use to optimize their event experiences as well – including a variety of mobile apps for trade
How to Use Section 179 to Write Off Costs of Your Trade Show Display
Did you know that whether you buy or lease your new trade show display, you should be able to claim the full purchase price, including the price of graphics, accessories, upgrades and other related expenses, on your business taxes using the Section 179 Deduction. What this means is that the full purchase price of the
7 Trade Show Giveaways that Recipients Will Love
Inc. Magazine recently asked some young entrepreneurs to share their ideas about what they consider to be the best trade show giveaways. While their ideas varied, the one thing they all agreed on was that no matter what you give away, whether it be something physical or intangible, items that recipients find useful or valuable
Three Trade Show Exhibit Lighting Trends
There are several trade show exhibit lighting trends that have not only emerged, but appear to be growing in popularity. Why does lighting matter? Lighting not only creates ambiance, but it affects and can even enhance mood. It can also be used to draw attention to your exhibit, and to highlight areas of your exhibit
After Your Trade Show, Don’t Forget to Follow Up!
After your trade show, don’t forget to follow up! One of the most important things you can do to get sales from your trade show actually takes place after the show is over. That’s following up with all the leads you gathered. Analyze Leads Soon After the Trade Show As soon as you possibly can