Trade Show Rental Booths as Beautiful as Custom Exhibits
Trade show rental booths give brands a flexible option at industry events. When they’re done right, they provide everything a custom booth does without the financial burden of ownership. Typically thought of as a budget-conscious option, trade show rental booths don’t have to be a compromise. At Empire Display Solutions we are trusted by brands like
Save Money, Be Smart with a Modular Trade Show Display
Modular, from the Latin modulus for measure, means “constructed with standardized units or dimensions for flexibility and variety in use.” The key word there is variety. Modular trade show displays are all about versatility. Because of their design, a single modular trade show display can be used at a show with 10×20 booth requirements and
Is your trade show booth defunct?
Kaput. Finished. Had it. Sometimes you don’t know your trade show booth is defunct until you’ve taken it to a conference and had the chance to compare it to your competitors’ booths side by side. And then it hits you all at once—like when you’re in the shoe store and you compare what’s on your
Try Experiential Marketing at Your Next Industry Event
Experiential marketing, when done correctly, creates a gravitational pull. It’s irresistible to your target audience and draws them toward your trade show display like a moth to a light bulb. Experiential, obviously, comes from the work experience, and the idea of experiential marketing is to deliver an unforgettable one to whenever comes to your booth.
Trade Show Banners: Overlooked and Underappreciated
Every trade show is constrained by a budget. You have a set amount your company can spend, and you want to get the most for your money. Trade show banners, also called event banners, are one item you should not underinvest in. What are trade show banners? A trade show banner is a graphic image